The Breathing Revolution: Train yourself to breathe properly to banish anxiety and find your inner calm (Paperback)

The Breathing Revolution: Train yourself to breathe properly to banish anxiety and find your inner calm By Yolanda Barker Cover Image

The Breathing Revolution: Train yourself to breathe properly to banish anxiety and find your inner calm (Paperback)


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Breathing is at the core of everything we do. Breath is life.

In The Breathing Revolution, Yolanda Barker has developed a seven day breathing program to teach us how to breathe anew, and to experience the benefits of harnessing our breath. With accompanying audio meditations, this is the must-read book for anyone looking to banish anxiety and find inner calm.

We breathe over 20,000 times a day. But most of us don't breathe properly. Years of stress and anxiety mean we breathe through our chest, forgetting to use our diaphragm and stomach. We shallow breathe, we hold our breath, and it affects everything we do. Learn to breathe correctly and you will lower your blood pressure, lose weight, and sleep better.

Take a deep breath--and learn how to breathe again.

Yolanda Barker is a writer and award-winning film director. She is also an experienced yoga teacher who trained in India. Yolanda lives in London, UK.
Product Details ISBN: 9781472948595
ISBN-10: 1472948599
Publisher: Green Tree
Publication Date: November 16th, 2021
Pages: 160
Language: English

“A practical guide to that most basic of bodily functions: breathing. If you, like me, have spent a lifetime not doing it “properly”, this mix of science and simple exercises is a bit of a game changer.” —Sam Baker, Books to Read Now,

“With research, practical exercises, anecdotes and advice, Yolanda Barker shows how breath practice and the knowledge gained through it are important and powerful resources to integrate into our daily lives.” —OM Yoga & Lifestyle magazine

“This inspiring new book features a seven-day programme of practical exercises for readers to follow. Drawing on her own experiences with anxiety and depression, the author shares breathing practices to ease stress, enable better sleep and bring calm during difficult situations.” —Healthy Living magazine

“At last – a practical, compassionate, science-backed resource to support your mental health. Empowering for anyone who struggles with anxiety and depression.” —Dr. Aseem Malhotra, cardiologist, author and health Campaigner

“Just like breathing, this book is both simple and profound. I learned so much about physiology, neuroscience and psychology, and the breathing exercises are amazingly effective. A vital resource.” —Stacey DeLooze, author of Eat Sleep Sing

“An eloquently written and accessible guide to the breath and to breath work. The book has a wealth of information drawn from Yolanda's teaching experience and is supported by the latest scientific research. The comprehensive seven-day programme is easy-to-follow and will be of help to anyone who wants to reclaim their physical and mental health.” —Charlie Taylor-Rugman, yoga teacher

“Yolanda Barker is a breath of fresh air. So is this brilliantly practical book. Read it.” —Donal O'Neill, co-author of The Pioppi Diet

“Make sure you check it out – really powerful tools and techniques.” —Claira Hermet, Radio London

“Read this.” —Women's Fitness