Agincourt: Battle of the Scarred King (Hardcover)

Agincourt: Battle of the Scarred King By Michael Livingston, Bernard Cornwell (Foreword by) Cover Image

Agincourt: Battle of the Scarred King (Hardcover)


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Agincourt is one of the most famous battles in English history, a defining part of the national myth. This groundbreaking study by Mike Livingston, author of Never Greater Slaughter, presents a new interpretation of Henry V's great victory.

'It's quite a feat to write an account of England's most famous battle that makes the reader feel like they're experiencing history that is fresh, new and exhilarating.' Dan Snow

King Henry V's victory over the French armies at Agincourt on 25 October 1415 is unquestionably one of the most famous battles in history. From Shakespeare's 'band of brothers' speech to its appearances in numerous films, Agincourt rightfully has a place among a handful of conflicts whose names are immediately recognized around the world.

The English invasion of France in 1415 saw them take the French port of Harfleur after a long siege, following which Henry was left with a sick and weakened army, which he chose to march across Normandy to the port of Calais against the wishes of his senior commanders. The French had assembled a superior force and shadowed the English Army before finally blocking its route. The battle that followed was an overwhelming victory for the English, with the French suffering horrific casualties. Agincourt opened the door for Henry V's further conquests in France.

Agincourt provides a new look at this famous battle. Mike Livingston goes back to the original sources, including the French battle plan that still survives today, to give a new interpretation, one that challenges the traditional site of the battlefield itself. It is a thrilling new history that not only rewrites the battle as we know it, but also provides fresh insights into the men who fought and died there.

Dr Michael Livingston teaches the military and cultural history of the Middle Ages at The Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina. He recently co-authored the textbook reader Medieval Warfare, and future works include books on the battles of Hastings and Shrewsbury. These add to previous books The Battle of Crécy: A Casebook, winner of the 2017 Distinguished Book Award from the Society for Military History, Never Greater Slaughter: Brunanburh and the Birth of England (Osprey, 2021), and Crécy: Battle of Five Kings (Osprey, 2021). He is an elected Fellow of the Royal Historical Society.

Bernard Cornwell, who has been called "one of the most accomplished storytellers now writing" (Kirkus Reviews) is the author of numerous international bestsellers, including the Sharpe series. He was born in Britain and now lives with his wife in Cape Cod.
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“This astonishing book fixes the myth of Agincourt and adds to our understanding of what led to that slaughteryard of horrors, atrocities, and, for at least one side, unforgettable glories.” —Bernard Cornwell, bestselling author of The Last Kingdom series

“It's quite a feat to write an account of England's most famous battle that makes the reader feel like they're experiencing history that is fresh, new and exhilarating.” —Dan Snow

“Bold and conversational, forensic and vivid, this is an extraordinary history of Agincourt - full of remarkable insight - that grips from the very first word and doesn't let go.” —Helen Castor, author of 'She-Wolves'

“Michael Livingston continues to overturn centuries of scholarship, redefining some of the world's most celebrated battles. Coupling ironclad scholarship with a breakneck narrative, Livingston cuts new historical ground.” —Myke Cole, author of 'Legion versus Phalanx' and 'The Bronze Lie'

“A thought provoking, thoughtful and fast-paced account of what one might think is one of the best known and understood medieval battles. Despite what we think we know, from reading Livingston's detailed book, it is clear that we aren't really sure we even know exactly where this famous battle was fought!” —Robert Woosnam-Savage FSA, Curator Emeritus, Royal Armouries

“The battle of Agincourt has had many interpretations. Michael Livingston's is the latest, but also one of the best … It tells a fresh, compelling story of the battle, the campaign that led up to it, and its aftermath.” —Kelly Devries, Professor of History, Loyola University Maryland

“An innovative historical reinterpretation…Agincourt is an exciting retelling of the battle of Agincourt that brings forth new information about a topic believed to have been long since settled.” —Foreword Reviews

“In swift, novelistic prose… this work has two compelling and intertwining threads: a novel and well-argued interpretation of this seminal battle, and a popular accounting of how historians use competing sources (both written and archaeological) to try to get closer to the truth of an event, all while understanding both historical and contemporary blind spots.….This highly recommended popular history will appeal to readers of medieval history, studies of warfare, and Dan Jones's books.” —Library Journal

“Livingston brings that world to life and the amazing characters of that incredible place and time… The author tells the whole of this epic tale and myths about the great adventures that make up its many parts… a lively page-turner. The writing style is informal, even good-humored, and mildly sarcastic.” —New York Journal of Books

Agincourt: Battle of the Scarred King is a fantastic book and a must-read for anyone interested in the battle of Agincourt, the Hundred Years' War, or medieval warfare in general. It is a well-written and informative book that provides a fresh and insightful perspective on one of the most famous battles in history.” —Medieval Archives

“This book is a quick read, focuses on what you need to know, and makes arguments while keeping the narrative moving. I loved it and this is accessible to even non-history nerds.” —History Nerds United

“Livingston knows the subject down to the last bit of armor-jointing, and he patiently lays out all the details we can know from all the various sources… this fairly quickly becomes gripping reading.” —Open Letters Review