A Cultural Encyclopedia of Lost Cities and Civilizations (Hardcover)

A Cultural Encyclopedia of Lost Cities and Civilizations By Michael Shally-Jensen, Anthony Vivian Cover Image

A Cultural Encyclopedia of Lost Cities and Civilizations (Hardcover)


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This volume explores the span of human history-and plenty of prehistory-searching out prominent and fascinating examples of cities or broader civilizations that shifted from a position of influence to a lack thereof.

The accelerating threat of climate change challenges us to analyze our own communities' relationships with the wider world and to contemplate their very existence. This single-volume cultural encyclopedia examines lost cities and civilizations from every region of the globe and dated throughout human history. Arranged alphabetically, the compilation allows both students and general readers easy access to detailed entries on specific lost cities and civilizations.

Throughout the geographically and chronologically diverse entries, such themes as colonization, migration, and especially climate change are developed and analyzed. Supplementing the main entries are sidebars detailing mythological cities and Investigative Boxes examining present-day cities on the brink of extinction. These round out the book's focus on disappearing cultural centers and reveal the robust relevance this material has to a world facing the crisis of climate change.
Michael Shally-Jensen, PhD, is an independent author and editor specializing in works on history, culture, and society. Anthony Vivian, PhD, is a writer, historian, and adjunct professor.
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Publisher: ABC-CLIO
Publication Date: November 11th, 2022
Pages: 360
Language: English