Highland Ransom (Paperback)

Highland Ransom By Lindsey Logan Cover Image

Highland Ransom (Paperback)


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A Kidnapping, a ransom, and a promise of blood.

Kidnapped while journeying with her maid Morven. Louise McGregor finds herself the prisoner of the charming rogue Colin McKay. As she waits for her father to answer Colin's demand for ransom, she begins to see there is more to her captor than meets the eye. The threat of war looms between the McGregors and the Ross clan but will Louise's father get to her in time or will Colin sell her to the highest bidder? Worse still, when the Ross clan show up in force it may not be for the reasons she expected. Little does she know Hamish Ross - son of the Laird of the Ross clan - has revenge on his mind when it comes to Colin McKay.

As things heat up and swords are drawn, will Colin get out with his life intact? Worse still will he finally have worn Louise down with his charms?
Product Details ISBN: 9781393430308
ISBN-10: 1393430309
Publisher: Lindsey Logan
Publication Date: March 20th, 2021
Pages: 216
Language: English