Of Sorrow & Peace (Paperback)

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Of Sorrow & Peace (Paperback)


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Of Sorrow & Peace - Begluigar Series #1

Unprepared, they navigate different and unexpected worlds. In one world waits a mysterious traveler, a dark presence, and blood that supernaturally defies gravity. In the other, a man is struggling to cope with depression, feelings of incompetence, and a routine that threatens to destroy him. All the while, forces beyond comprehension pry at the edges of their perception.

Trapped in a cycle of self-loathing and instant gratification, Christian faces challenges which make him question God and his own ability to achieve happiness. Enslaved by lust and a fragmented emotional state, he must survive each day as his growing awareness of these faults looms larger. When he makes a devastating choice that threatens his marriage, his sorrow expands and plunges to new depths as he faces the consequences; destined for a path he never planned on taking.

Meanwhile, another man is simply enjoying life. He daydreams and marvels at the beauty all around him. He's peculiar. He lets the rain soak into his socks and watches the clouds pass by for hours at a time. He lays down in a quiet street and listens to distant traffic whisper along the asphalt. Carefree and happy, he roams his world in search of nothing. Everything before him is as it should be. But when his pleasant daze is interrupted by an attack of unknown origin, he is forced into a flight that takes him to places he could never have imagined.

In both worlds, God works mysteriously toward an end neither man thought possible. And in both worlds, as we begin to see the parallels between them, The Shepherd saves.

Product Details ISBN: 9781393248750
ISBN-10: 1393248756
Publisher: J. T. Tobin
Publication Date: December 18th, 2020
Pages: 372
Language: English