Dashed: A Margaret Dashwood Novel (Hardcover)

Dashed: A Margaret Dashwood Novel By Amanda Quain Cover Image

Dashed: A Margaret Dashwood Novel (Hardcover)


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In this contemporary update of Sense and Sensibility, Margaret Dashwood is setting sail on an adventurous summer cruise—unless love sinks her first.

Margaret Dashwood lives her life according to plan, and it involves absolutely zero heartbreak, thank you very much. Five years ago, love tore her family apart, and since then, she’s kept her own heart as safe as possible. It hasn’t been easy, especially since her sister Marianne—the world’s biggest romantic—has conveniently forgotten that love burned her so badly she literally almost died. So when their oldest sister Elinor invites Margaret along for a Marianne-free summer cruise, she can’t wait to soak up every scheduled moment with sensible Elinor before heading off to college.

But just before they set sail, a newly-single Marianne announces that she’s crashing their vacation. Suddenly, Margaret’s itineraries are thrown overboard, and the ship’s cabin feels even tinier with her sister wailing about her breakup from the bottom bunk. The only solution? Find Marianne a dose of love to tide her over until they reach land.

With help from Elinor, her husband Edward, and Gabe—a distractingly handsome new friend on the crew—Margaret sets out to create a series of elaborate fake dates that will give Marianne the spontaneously curated summer romance of a lifetime. But between a chaotic sister, the growing storm of feelings between Margaret and Gabe, and an actual storm on the horizon, this summer is destined to go off course. Margaret will have to decide what’s more important—following the plan, or following her heart.

AMANDA QUAIN is a writer, indie bookseller, and general life enthusiast. When she’s not shouting about her favorite new books, she loves theatre, baking, rock climbing, marching band, and the overall pursuit of adventure. If forced to choose, Amanda’s favorite Austen hero is Edward Ferrars, though she’ll always have a soft spot for Mr. Bingley. She lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her husband and their cat. She is the author of Accomplished and Ghosted.
Product Details ISBN: 9781250907530
ISBN-10: 1250907535
Publisher: Wednesday Books
Publication Date: July 16th, 2024
Pages: 320
Language: English

Praise for Dashed:

"Quain moves the story along with ease and charm, spinning a tale that’s as much about the love between sisters as the intrigues of unexpected romance. Characters and key themes maintain the Austen connection, but Margaret’s journey of healing from trauma and accepting herself is a Quain original." - Kirkus

Praise for Ghosted:

“Teen fans of Austen will see the parallels and enjoy this modern twist on the story. Others unfamiliar with the original story will still enjoy the fun of a haunted-school romance.” –Booklist

“Quick-witted humor, banter, and a slow-burn romance evoke familiar Austenian relationship fare, making this cozy read a satisfyingly modern take on a classic.” –Publishers Weekly

“Quain draws a realistic portrait of a young person struggling with loss, social pressures, and familial expectations…Fresh and compelling.” –Kirkus Reviews

Praise for Accomplished:

“A heroine in possession of her own side of the story must be in want of an iconic, fresh and funny retelling...Accomplished has bewitched us.” —Emily Wibberley and Austin Siegemund-Broka, authors of If I’m Being Honest

“Move over, Lizzie Bennet—Georgiana Darcy’s about to steal your heart!” —Ashley Poston, bestselling author of Geekerella

“An incredible debut and hilariously heartwarming addition to the Pride & Prejudice canon.” --Jennifer Dugan, author of Hot Dog Girl

"[Georgie's] reckoning with her own racial and class privilege is refreshing, and her complicated but loving relationship with her brother is a shining point...for fans of boarding school dramas and rom-coms, this fits the bill." --School Library Journal

“[A] witty debut...hard-earned character development and dynamic relationships are keenly explored. Quain uses the source material’s infrastructure to establish the narrative’s stakes and emotional gravity while skillfully setting it apart from its Austenian roots.” –Publishers Weekly