Equal Partners: Improving Gender Equality at Home (Paperback)

Equal Partners: Improving Gender Equality at Home By Kate Mangino Cover Image

Equal Partners: Improving Gender Equality at Home (Paperback)


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"An inspiring and inclusive guide for rethinking and reworking household gender roles."—Booklist (starred review)

"This book is a beautiful, engaging way to look at the modern family and Mangino works to dismantle gendered assumptions and replace them with structured decision making examples and case studies. A must read."—Eve Rodsky, author of Fair Play

From gender expert and professional facilitator Kate Mangino comes Equal Partners, an informed guide about how we can all collectively work to undo harmful gender norms and create greater household equity.

As American society shut down due to Covid, millions of women had to leave their jobs to take on full-time childcare. As the country opens back up, women continue to struggle to balance the demands of work and home life. Kate Mangino, a professional facilitator for twenty years, has written a comprehensive, practical guide for readers and their partners about gender norms and household balance. Yes, part of our gender problem is structural, and that requires policy change. But much of our gender problem is social, and that requires us to change.

Quickly moving from diagnosis to solution, Equal Partners focuses on what we can do, everyday people living busy lives, to rewrite gender norms to support a balanced homelife so both partners have equal time for work, family, and self. Mangino adopts an interactive model, posing questions, and asking readers to assess their situations through guided lists and talking points. Equal Partners is broad in its definition of gender and gender roles. This is a book for all: straight, gay, trans, and non-binary, parents and grandparents, and friends, with the goal to help foster gender equality in readers' homes, with their partners, family and wider community.

Kate Mangino is a gender expert who works with international organizations to promote social change. She has written and delivered curricula in over 20 countries about issues such as: gender equality, women’s empowerment, healthy masculinity, HIV prevention, and early and forced childhood marriage. Mangino is a technical advisor and regular contributor to Fathering Together. Her writing can be found on Scary Mommy, Medium and Substack.
Product Details ISBN: 9781250339294
ISBN-10: 1250339294
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Publication Date: August 20th, 2024
Pages: 352
Language: English

"A beautiful, engaging way to look at the modern family. A must read."—Eve Rodsky, author of Fair Play: A Game-Changing Solution for When You Have Too Much to Do (and More Life to Live)

"This is the first book I’ve read that not only manages to diagnose why these divisions persist but offers compelling and practical methods for combating them. Read on, and you might feel like there’s hope."—Anne Helen Petersen, author of Can’t Even: How Millennials Became the Burnout Generation

“Mangino’s sharp insights into contemporary gender dynamics persuasively argue that there remains much to be done to achieve equality between partners. The result is a vital manual for understanding how gender norms shape domestic life and how readers can change the script.”Publishers Weekly

"Mangino, gender expert and professional facilitator, has written an inspiring and inclusive guide for rethinking and reworking household gender roles...An enlightening read that offers tangible methods for families and community members interested in dismantling the gender binary."--Booklist (starred review)

"An informative and actionable understanding of gender inequality in the United States."--Library Journal

“Incisively examines narratives and dialogues around gendered work in the home and provides counter-narratives to help readers find more balance in their partnerships.”—Michelle Anya Anjirbag, Shelf Awareness

“Kate Mangino offers an inclusive and accessible look at how we can achieve gender equity at home. She reframes common roadblocks and chart a practical course for how we can be accountable in our relationships. No one gets a pass. And everyone benefits.”
Anna Marie Johnson Teague, author of The Book of Dares

“Genuine gender partnership at home is not a “women’s issue,” it’s good for us, our partners, our children, and society broadly. Want to super-charge your relationship, role model respectful partnership for your children, and rev up the economy all at the same time? Then read Equal Partners—ideally with your partner—and learn how to pushback on traditional gender norms to truly show up as a partner at home.”
W. Brad Johnson PhD and David G. Smith PhD, authors of Athena Rising and Good Guys