Darkness Whispered (Paperback)

Darkness Whispered By Amber R. Duell Cover Image

Darkness Whispered (Paperback)


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Hell shouldn't terrify a demon, but Jay Adams can't think of a worse fate. Life in a sweltering abyss is enough to drive anyone insane, but unless he can tempt another human to sin, Hell is exactly where he will end up.

Manipulating one girl shouldn't be a problem, but things aren't as simple as he expects. His assignment, Devon, wants nothing to do with him. She has more important things to deal with-like graduating high school and getting away from her alcoholic father. But the harder Jay tries to get close to her, the more his feelings grow. Loving his assignment can't end well. Not when it means dragging her down a path to damnation.

When Jay fails to complete the mission, Hell doesn't just come for him. They want Devon, too. By telling her the truth about demons, Jay unknowingly played into his boss's hands. Devon wasn't assigned by chance and, now that she's a liability, Jay's boss has the justification needed for revenge. Jay must decide if he'll stay and protect the girl he loves or run and save himself.

Product Details ISBN: 9781087886299
ISBN-10: 1087886295
Publisher: Amber Riley
Publication Date: October 18th, 2020
Pages: 366
Language: English