Dear God, Where is My Cut?: Dispelling the Lies and Unraveling the Truth (Paperback)

Dear God, Where is My Cut?: Dispelling the Lies and Unraveling the Truth By Laquetta Holyfield Glaze Cover Image

Dear God, Where is My Cut?: Dispelling the Lies and Unraveling the Truth (Paperback)


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Every week, there are churches all over America drumming up tithes as a requirement for believers of Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, many are doing this under the guise that they have to manipulate believers to give so that they can be blessed. This can be nothing further from the truth. This fallacy must be uncovered and addressed if we expect to move in the greater things of God, especially in our giving.

A Prophetic Word: For Those Who Have an Ear to Hear:
As I underwent this process, one of the things that I asked God was how to convey that this was the right path, although our life had its ups and downs. His answer came in the form of a prophetic word. Thus says the Lord: "Tithing has been winked at for the sake of growth and maturity. However, the grace for living under the lies of tithing will soon cease. There will be a distinguishable difference in those who obey His word concerning giving and those who disregard My warning."

An important note to remember is that grace is always with us and will abound. However, grace shifts as we know better and is meant to be in place until maturity has emerged. Grace and mercy are not excuses to stay stuck or avoid accountability, responsibility, and ownership, but they are places to grow. In the natural, our children use diapers until they can use the restroom on their own. Once they have mastered the restroom, the "grace" for wearing pampers have worn off. Grace transcends, transitions, and transforms us as we grow in maturity.

May this book be a source of enlightenment and understanding when it comes to giving God's way. It is time for a new wineskin because the old one is no longer valid. Take a journey with me through the myths, the flat out lies, and the scriptures to better equip yourself to the increase that God has promised us in every area of our lives.

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Publisher: Kingdom Pioneer Institute, LLC
Publication Date: May 1st, 2018
Pages: 88
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