Baldilocks and the Three Dares (Hardcover)

Baldilocks and the Three Dares Cover Image
By Jimothy Newton, Tricia Seibold (Illustrator), Allister Thompson (Editor)
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Kee, a smart and feisty honeybee, is mysteriously sabotaged by unseen forces. Disgraced, she flees the hive and bumps into an unlikely band of misfits including a skunk who can't stink, a mouse-intolerant snake, and a small but cheeky sidekick...who may have some attention deficit issues. Join Kee, Kyle, Noodles, and Pinky on their journey out of the woods and into the treacherous world of Baldi, Rumbler, and the rumored Dare protocol. Will they find "Lucky," an elusive character with legendary--if not magical--powers of healing? The colony depends on it.

This fun and funny tale about how to deal with adversity and overcoming fears of being odd, is ultimately a lesson in courage and tolerance, where we learn the power of pushing boundaries and discovering the hidden potential in all of us...regardless of how different we each may look.

Inspired by brave kids everywhere, Yudu Studios will donate all proceeds from this book to the following children's charities--Dreamflight (, Muscular Dystrophy Association (, SNAP (, and Solving Kids' Cancer (

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Product Details
ISBN: 9780998707631
ISBN-10: 0998707635
Publisher: Yudu Studios
Publication Date: October 5th, 2017
Pages: 156
Language: English