What Does It Mean to Be Green? (What Does It Mean To Be...?) (Hardcover)

What Does It Mean to Be Green? (What Does It Mean To Be...?) By Rana DiOrio, Chris Blair (Illustrator) Cover Image

What Does It Mean to Be Green? (What Does It Mean To Be...?) (Hardcover)

By Rana DiOrio, Chris Blair (Illustrator)


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Being green means...

Turning off the water while you brush your teeth

Only turning on the lights when you need them

Picking up trash that isn't yours

In this empowering book, a young boy and girl discover amazing facts (like how our food travels an average of 1,500 miles to be on our plate!) and explore all the different ways they—and we—can help protect the Earth's most precious resources to save the planet and live "green" lifestyles.

What Does It Mean to Be Green? is a Mom's Choice Gold Award Winner for Children's Picture Book and was awarded The Santa Monica Public Library's Green Prize for Sustainable Literature, School-Age Nonfiction. The enhanced e-book edition also won the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Gold Award.

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Rana DiOrio is an intrepid force for empowerment and positive change. Her purpose is to help people maximize their potential, and she continues to expound and expand upon that mission across her diverse and highly successful career.

As a corporate and securities attorney, tech-sector investment banker, investor, and advisory board member, Rana has catalyzed the financial, operational, and cultural growth of organizations for almost three decades. As an award-winning author and children’s media entrepreneur, she has sparked meaningful conversations between children and their caring adults and is focused on fostering kindness in the next generation by helping creatives who make this possible realize the full potential of their work through her company, Creative Mint, Inc. She lives in San Francisco, CA with her three children. Follow Rana on Twitter @ranadiorio and on Instagram @ranedear.

Product Details ISBN: 9780984080618
ISBN-10: 0984080619
Publisher: Little Pickle Press
Publication Date: March 15th, 2010
Pages: 32
Language: English
Series: What Does It Mean To Be...?