Beyond the Zoom: The Afterlife (Paperback)

Beyond the Zoom: The Afterlife By George Augustus Stallings Cover Image

Beyond the Zoom: The Afterlife (Paperback)


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Is there life beyond the grave? Is there a hereafter? Will man and woman live forever? Where does the spirit or soul go after a person dies? Is there such a place as Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory? Can we communicate with the dead? Will we see and know our loved ones after we have died? One of the most troubling questions is where will the spirit of evil or bad people go?" All of these probing questions and more are tactfully handled by an examination of sacred texts related to The Afterlife.

"Beyond the Zoom: The Afterlife," presents a healthy and scripturally sound approach to viewing death by removing the "sting of death" that is often associated with mortal transition. It presents the essence of life, namely the spirit, as eternal and its temporary housing in the body as the swift passing of time, referred to as the "Zoom Effect."

The premise of the book is based on the Oneness of God. All who have come forth, made "in the image and likeness of the One of God," will ultimately return to the One spiritual essence from whence they came before the existence of time, without exception. In the end, there shall be only One.

The book guides the believer in coming to an understanding that there is nothing to fear in death, if confronted with a faith that relies on the promises of God.

Many readers will find affirmation regarding beliefs that they have privately held and treasured all their lives about life after death. For others, some will be dumbfounded, causing them to attack its premises without merit or proof.

Whatever be the context in which "Beyond the Zoom: The Afterlife," is understood or interpreted, one thing is for sure: it will create a conversation, disputation, and discussion that will put the subject of "The Afterlife" front and center for years to come. After all, shouldn't it be the greatest topic of concern for anyone who wants to live "Beyond the Zoom" so as to enjoy eternal bliss in "The Afterlife?"

Product Details ISBN: 9780974558615
ISBN-10: 0974558613
Publisher: Sks Press
Publication Date: June 20th, 2023
Pages: 194
Language: English