The Behavioral Code: The Hidden Ways the Law Makes Us Better or Worse (Hardcover)

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Freakonomics for the law—the revolutionary behavioral science insights into how the law fails to reduce misbehavior.

Why do some laws radically change behavior whereas others are consistently ignored and routinely broken? Why do we keep relying on harsh punishment against crime even though it continues to fail?

Professors Benjamin van Rooij and Adam Fine present the first accessible analysis of behavioral jurisprudence, which will fundamentally alter how we understand the connection between law and human behavior. Drawing upon decades of research, the authors reveal the behavioral code: the root causes and hidden forces that drive human behavior and our responses to society’s laws.

The Behavioral Code offers a necessary and different approach to battling crime and injustice that is based in understanding the science of human misconduct—rather than relying on punishment to shape behavior. The book will show how this code affects all of us using illustrative examples like:

   • Park rangers in Arizona’s Petrified Forest who worked with social psychologists to reduce theft—beginning by throwing out “no stealing” signs
   • German walls that “pee back” at public urinators
   • A $2.3 billion legal settlement against Pfizer that revealed how whistleblower protections fail to reduce corporate malfeasance
   • NYC subway ads that reduced manspreading
   • How Richmond, California, reduced gun violence by offering young firearm offenders $1,000 monthly rewards for good behavior

Revelatory and counterintuitive, The Behavioral Code catalyzes the conversation about how the law can effectively improve human conduct and respond to some of our most pressing issues today, from police misconduct to corporate malfeasance.

About the Author

Benjamin van Rooij, PhD, is a professor in law and society and the director of research at the School of Law at the University of Amsterdam and the Global Professor of Law at the University of California, Irvine. Findings from his 2 decades of academic work have been featured in the New York Times, The Hill, NPR, and Huffington Post. His research on law and behavior was awarded a highly competitive and prestigious 2-million-Euro grant by the European Research Council.

Adam Fine, PhD, is an assistant professor of criminology and criminal justice and of law and behavioral sciences at Arizona State University. His award-winning work has been funded by the US Department of Justice and a Visionary Grant from the American Psychological Foundation. His 40-plus publications have routinely appeared in the top journals in psychology and law, developmental psychology, public policy, criminology, and criminal justice.

Praise For…

“A timely contribution to the ever-growing literature on the use of behavioural sciences in regulatory governance (and public policy more broadly).”
From the Regulatory Frontlines

“A fascinating book with crucial implications—from the successes and dysfunctions of entire societies to our own everyday behavior.”
—Robert M. Sapolsky, author of Behave

“This brilliant and foundational text, beautifully written and compelling, will launch a long-needed movement. . . . The current system is deeply unjust; this book points a clear way to making it much more just.”
—Lawrence Lessig, Roy L. Furman Professor of Law and Leadership, Harvard Law School

“An excellent and urgent reminder of how behavioral science is essential to our understanding of law.”
—Robert B. Cialdini, author of Influence and Pre-Suasion

“Accessible, timely, and compelling, The Behavioral Code explores the vast literature concerning punishment and provides a blueprint for reforming the criminal justice system.”
—Erwin Chemerinsky, dean, UC Berkeley School of Law

“Through fresh and fascinating analysis, The Behavioral Code has the potential to lead policymakers to make wiser decisions to pass laws that make the most sense given how humans actually behave.”
—Max H. Bazerman, author of Better, Not Perfect and Blind Spots

“If you’ve ever dreamed of a legal system that’s informed by behavioral science, this book could very well move us one step closer to making your dream a reality.”
—Adam Grant, author of Think Again and host of the TED podcast WorkLife

“A fantastically engaging look at how legal codes—from how we drive to how we serve food to how we reduce harm—guide every aspect of our lives. . . . Anyone who cares about making our society a safer place should read this book.”
—Elizabeth F. Loftus, former president, Association for Psychological Science

“Van Rooij and Fine challenge us to a new mindset, one that tests our theories and intuitions with scientific methods and empirical evidence.”
—Hui Chen, former Compliance Counsel Expert, US Department of Justice

“Whether the issue is wearing a face mask, complying with a police request, or accepting the results of an election, the ability to motivate people to follow rules is central to the viability of our own, or any other, society. . . . An engagingly written, timely, and compelling read.”
—Tom Tyler, Macklin Fleming Professor of Law and professor of psychology, Yale University
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