Recovering and Healing After the Narcissist (Paperback)

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In her book, now available in paperback, Recovering and Healing After the Narcissist: Discovering Your True Self, a sequel to Freeing Yourself from the Narcissist in Your Life, Dr. Linda Martinez-Lewi provides valuable insights and specific in-depth healing and recovery practices for those who are and have been in destructive psychological and emotional relationships with narcissistic personalities, including children of narcissists, narcissistic spouses and ex-spouses and siblings of narcissists. In the aftermath of a relationship with a narcissist, you can recover, heal and thrive through this comprehensive program and regular practice of self-care that focuses on:

- Accessing the parasympathetic, restorative, calming part of the nervous system through gentle hatha yoga, quality sleep, regular exercise, acupuncture, listening to inspiring music, immersing yourself in the beauty and mystery of the natural world.

- Breaking destructive cycles of psychological and emotional repetition with the narcissist by cracking the childhood survival code that made you vulnerable to them. Loosening the bonds of denial by expressing, owning and releasing your true feelings, results in separation and individuation from the narcissist.

- Tapping into deep reservoirs of your creativity through a daily writing practice. Spontaneous writing springs from the free, expansive, ecstatic part of you that is boundless. Writing is a ticket to the glorious boon that flows from your unconscious.

- Calming mind, body and heart through consistent meditation. Regular meditation practice reduces stress, strengthens the immune system, increases the quality of brain functioning, expands your sense of compassion and deepens your intuition.

- Recognizing and incorporating the creativity and richness of your shadow archetype. Within the mysterious shadow are powerful, vibrant images of deep insight, beauty, humor and truth. Your shadow adds a lively juiciness to your personality along with treasures of creative inspirations, rich dreams, reveries and messages from the unconscious.

- Creativity and healing work side by side with your personal transformation. A valuable resource is music which transports us to other worlds. Immersing yourself in music's magic opens you to new realities of joy, exuberance, profound emotions and spontaneity.

- Intuitions are moments of insight that awaken and expand consciousness with instant clarity. You can know everything that is true through the gift of intuition.

- Experiencing the empathy, comfort, kindness and humor of true friends is a powerful force in your continued healing and recovery.

- As you grow spiritually, your consciousness expands and deepens. You have access to communications with other souls. We spend our lives learning to dwell in the grace and wisdom of the true self.

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