Where Is the Mama Llama? (Hardcover)

Where Is the Mama Llama? Cover Image
By Ralph Audrieth, Louise Audrieth (Illustrator)
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Boy goes to the zoo with his mama and sees baby animals with their mamas. He sees baby and mama elephants, kangaroos, pandas, zebras, mustangs, hippos, lions, orangutans, deer, polar bears, beavers, bison, rabbits, and moose, but he does not see the mama llama with the baby llama. Asks "Where is the mama llama?" Last page spread encourages child to find the mama llama with her baby amid mama and baby koala bears, pandas, kangaroos, owls, giraffes, monkeys, turtles, ducks, elephants, and hippos. This book is written and illustrated for the younger child - to be read aloud by an older person, illustrating love and nurture of all mamas for their babies. Animals are depicted in a simple and friendly manner so the young child can relate to them. Boy and his mama are seen reacting to the love shown by the various animals and suspense is built throughout the book as they see the baby llama without its mama - until the end, when the mama and baby llama are shown gazing lovingly at each other.
Product Details
ISBN: 9780692369951
ISBN-10: 0692369953
Publisher: Louise Audrieth
Publication Date: March 31st, 2015
Pages: 24
Language: English