The Son of Hugo Grey (Paperback)

The Son of Hugo Grey By Paula Van Kerken, Jennifer Mathews (Editor) Cover Image

The Son of Hugo Grey (Paperback)


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The Son of Hugo Grey is a young adult science fiction novel with an unexpected twist.

Dainen Romes leads a rather dull life until he helps an old man named Hugo Grey to the hospital after a heart attack. Despite never having met Hugo before, Dainen promises to take care of his son after his death.

Dainen makes his way to the address on the small piece of paper Hugo gave him, but the son he finds there is not quite what he expected.

"He wondered about this son. Considering Hugo's age, Dainen guessed the son would be at least in his thirties. He must have a medical condition that required him to be taken care of.

The son appeared, calmly descending the stairs, one hand on the railing, with upright posture and smooth movement. He was most definitely not what Dainen had pictured. The strangest part was his age. He seemed no older than seventeen. He stood at the bottom of the stairs, blinked at Dainen without expression, and gave him one simple nod.

"Good afternoon," he said, not asking any questions about why a stranger was standing in his home."

Product Details ISBN: 9780639757155
ISBN-10: 0639757154
Publisher: Paula Van Kerken
Publication Date: April 6th, 2023
Pages: 118
Language: English