No Sticks or Stones No Broken Bones: Healing cPTSD When the Trauma wasn't Physical (Paperback)

No Sticks or Stones No Broken Bones: Healing cPTSD When the Trauma wasn't Physical By Ricia Fleming Cover Image

No Sticks or Stones No Broken Bones: Healing cPTSD When the Trauma wasn't Physical (Paperback)


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"What I experienced as a kid wasn't THAT bad.Other kids had it much worse."

Could you be one of the forgotten trauma survivors?

Are you coping with unidentified complex PTSD from early intangible attachment trauma today?

You now have a healing guidebook written just for you.

Author Ricia Fleming, licensed therapist and naCCT survivor, says:

"Because of its subtle everyday nature, the trauma category of Non-physically-assaultive, attachment-based Chronic Covert Trauma (naCCT) poses unique challenges. "

Maybe you experienced naCCTs such as:

  • - Emotional, social, and/or psychological neglect.
  • - Gaslighting and reality twisting,
  • - "No Hugs, No Cuddles" Trauma,
  • - Traumatic absence of loving guidance, interest, or understanding,
  • - Physically present, (even over-involved, over-controlling, and intrusive), but psychologically unattuned ("helicopter") parenting,
  • Pathogenic Pleasantness and Poisonous Positivity
  • - Being used as a parent to your own parent, a trophy child, or a "stand-in spouse," or even
  • - Hidden hostilities.

With no tangible trauma to point to, confusion is normal for adults who've been wounded by early naCCTs; many even deny they've been traumatized.

Yet, realistically, when we're little, subtle everyday disturbances in our lifeline relationships with mother, father, or other important caregivers can register on our bodies, minds, and spirits as threats to life itself. In a word, as 'trauma.'"

Whether or not your caregiver was concerned and well-intentioned,

whether or not you also experienced blatant physical assaults like beatings or incest,

the cumulative effect of these intangible early naCCTs can cause complex PTSD.

As an adult, you can find yourself having to cope with physical, psychological, financial, and relationship problems and overall lack of fun, spontaneity, and meaning.

This cutting-edge book, uniquely devoted to healing the hidden wounds from these early traumas, will help you take pride in how well you have managed so far. Then it will provide you with action steps for starting to feel better right away. Destined to become a life-changing classic, No Sticks or Stones provides:

  • - Down-to-earth survivor stories you can relate to,
  • - Strategies for identifying, handling, and de-activating subtle People-Triggers, painful Body-State Triggers, and hard-to-recognize naCCT flashbacks,
  • - Practical guidance and non-pathologizing support grounded in neurobiological trauma research, and
  • - A toolkit of empowering information, actionable strategies, checklists, exercises, and self-talk scripts.

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Product Details ISBN: 9780578290263
ISBN-10: 057829026X
Publisher: Thrivealive International
Publication Date: July 15th, 2022
Pages: 408
Language: English