Book Clubs

Book Clubs provide the opportunity to explore a wide variety of books and topics with fellow readers. Participation is free and open to all with no commitment necessary. Feel free to ”test-drive” a book club or two before you settle into the one(s) that are just right for you or register your book club with us for 10% off selected titles. A list of our current book clubs, their selections, and their meeting times, are only a click away.

Covid-19 update: Some formerly in-store Malaprop's book club meetings are currently suspended.  Some clubs are doing online 'virtual meetings'. Some have gone on a temporary hiatus. 

Malaprop's Book Club

Mystery Book Club

WILD Book Club

Romance Book Club

Notorious H.B.C.* History Book Club

Discussion Bound Book Club

Science Fiction Book Club

Crime and Politics Book Club 

Foodie Book Club (Starting June 2022)

Greater Asheville Science-for-All Book Club