Author FAQs

 “How can I make a good first impression with Independent Booksellers?” 

Independent booksellers are some of the best advocates an author can have. Just ask New York Times bestselling authors Wiley Cash, Denise Kiernan, and Beth Revis, who credit us for putting thousands of copies of their books into the hands of readers. Here is a helpful how-to list if you do not have experience working with bookstores.

 If you are interested in seeing your book on our shelves or presenting an event at our bookstore, please keep in mind that as independent booksellers, Amazon clashes with our core values. Amazon is not in mutually beneficial relationships with communities, readers, authors, or its own employees the way independent bookstores are.

One of the best ways to make a good first impression with independent booksellers is to actively encourage your readers to buy your books from independent booksellers. You can do this by linking to your favorite Indie and/or IndieBound on your website and social media. Use the most prominent buy button on your website to send visitors to Indiebound or your favorite Indie. If you list several purchase options, list your favorite Indie or IndieBound first. There is no law requiring those lists to be alphabetical! Remember that just about everyone already knows about the big A, but not everyone realizes that many Indies are also open 24/7 online. And those that aren't online are worth a phone call or a visit.

Read more about the value of Indies and about Amazon's effect on the book industry and local economies here and here

“How can I get my book on your shelves?”

If you are a local self-published author and did not choose to publish through Amazon KDP or an Amazon imprint, you may be eligible for our consignment program. Working with individual authors on a consignment basis allows us to carry many titles we would otherwise not be able to offer and strengthens our ties with the community. To be eligible for consideration, the author MUST live in Asheville or the immediate vicinity. You can find more information on our regular consignment process here. 

If your book is available through a distributor such as Ingram at a standard retailer discount and returnable, consignment is not for you. Please contact our Senior Buyer Justin Souther via email at

“How can I get my book listed on”

1) Log in to using your personal account. If you don't have an account on, please create one at
2a) Once you are logged in to your IndieBound account, point your browser to:
2b) Once you are logged in to your IndieBound account, for missing cover art, navigate to:
3) Enter your data, attach an image, and submit.
4) Please allow time for approval by the American Booksellers Association. Once approved, it can take up to 24 hours for your book to appear in search results and on
All add-a-book requests must be submitted through these forms. Changes and corrections to existing books (other than cover art) should be emailed to

“How can I be considered for an event at Malaprop’s?”

We are not able to schedule individual events for consignment titles. Local authors with books that are self-published or print-on-demand should communicate interest in an event for a recently published book after going through the consignment process

If you are a poet and would like to read at Malaprop's, please follow the steps to be considered for Poetrio, below

If the criteria above do not apply to you, please click here for more information about our events program and the application process. We are pleased to host a variety of authors at Malaprop's but please be aware that we receive many more requests than we can accommodate.

“How can I be considered for participation in Poetrio?”

Poetrio showcases three poets on the first Sunday of the month, January through November. To be considered for Poetrio, please complete this form, which also provides more information about Poetrio. Please also forward a copy of your new chapbook or collection, as soon as it's available, to ATTN: POETRIO, Malaprop's Bookstore/Cafe, 55 Haywood St., Asheville, NC 28801. Please make sure to include your contact information with the book. An electronic copy of your book may be emailed to