Blind Date Books

Our Blind Date with a Bookseller section may be the most popular part of our store.  We choose books we love, ones we think fly under the radar, and cloak them in mystery.  Now, you can check them out from home.  No swiping right or left, just add to cart.  

Blind dates purchased in our store are refundable and returnable for store credit with your receipt, within 15 days. Blind Dates ordered by mail are non-returnable. (Hint: if you don't care about the mystery, just check the ISBN number featured on each description. Please know that online selection does not reflect store stock. If you are concerned that we may not have a book in stock, check the ISBN.)   We hope you can come in and browse as we have more Blind Dates than can be listed here.

Our fiction blind dates include literary fiction, mysteries, science fiction and fantasy, and translated works.

Our non-fiction blind dates may cover history, scientific discoveries, real-life adventures, and more.