About Events at Malaprop's

Thank you for your interest in the author events program at Malaprop's! Just as we curate the selection of books in our store, we curate events to connect readers and authors. We are not seeking to simply fill slots on a calendar, but rather to reflect the interests of our community and the values of our store and its staff as members of that community. To this end, we host a variety of local, national, and international authors, but we cannot host everyone who requests an event.

Please note that we receive numerous event requests every week and that we do not host events every day. We usually book at least 3 months in advance. Every request is reviewed thoughtfully and thoroughly and it may take several weeks to receive a response. We thank you in advance for your patience and ask that you submit your request before the publication of your book if possible. Because of the pace of publishing and the volume of requests we receive, our events program prioritizes recently published books.

To be considered for an event at Malaprop's, please send an email to events@malaprops.com and provide the following information:

Contact Name:

Author Name:

Book Title:


Publisher (If self-published, please review our Author FAQs page):

Publication Date:

List Price:

Brief Description of Book:

Link to Author’s Website (Note: An Amazon book listing does not qualify as your website.):

Author social media handles:

Is the book listed on indiebound.org?

Has the author had an event at Malaprop's in the past?

Does the author live in or near Asheville?

If the author does live in the area, when did they last visit Malaprop's?

Please describe the author's Asheville community connections:

Is the author planning any other events in the Asheville area?

Preferred dates or time frame for an event: