How can I get my book in your store?

If your book is available through a distributor such as Ingram or Baker & Taylor, please contact our Senior Buyer, Linda Marie Barrett at

If your book is self-published or published through a small press, or if you are a local author interested in additional promotional packages, please see our consignment policies and offers (attached below), also available in the store.

**For authors or publishers printing with CreateSpace: As Amazon's business practices have become more and more predatory to bookstores, publishers, and the book world in general, many independent bookstores, especially those of us who are members of the American Booksellers Association, have made decisions not to support them in any way. Though we are happy to order books requested by customers any time, we will not carry books printed by CreateSpace in the store. We in no way want to darken our relationships with local authors--our commitment to the local community is part of our objection to Amazon's practices--but for ethical, financial, and many other reasons we do not want to support Amazon or Amazon-owned companies. There are many options for printing these days and one of our recommendations is Ingram Spark: Printing with them would not prevent you from selling your work wherever you choose. If you would like more information on Amazon's business practices, the ABA has a useful web site:

Please do not send books without first contacting Malaprop's only accepts books that have been approved by our consignment team. Thank you!