The God Argument: The Case Against Religion and for Humanism (Hardcover)

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What are the arguments for and against religion and religious belief--all of them--right across the range of reasons and motives that people have for being religious, and do they stand up to scrutiny? Can there be a clear, full statement of these arguments that once and for all will show what is at stake in this debate?

Equally important: what is the alternative to religion as a view of the world and a foundation for morality? Is there a worldview and a code of life for thoughtful people--those who wish to live with intellectual integrity, based on reason, evidence, and a desire to do and be good--that does not interfere with people's right to their own beliefs and freedom of expression?

In The Case Against Religion, Anthony Grayling offers a definitive examination of these questions, and an in-depth exploration of the humanist outlook that recommends itself as the ethics of the genuinely reflective person.

About the Author

A. C. Grayling is a professor of philosophy at Birkbeck College, University of London, and the author of books including "Among the Dead Cities", "Meditations for the Humanist", and "Thinking of Answers".

Praise For…

“Debunks the teleological, ontological and cosmological arguments employed throughout Christendom for the literal existence of God…Those looking for a succinct analysis of these centuries old debates will appreciate Grayling’s insights.” –The Washington Post, “On Faith” "London-based academic and philosopher Grayling (To Set Prometheus Free, 2010, etc.) has the sharp analytical mind of fellow naysayer Richard Dawkins, though he is gentler about saying no to God or god or gods...readers looking for fire-and-brimstone contrarianism will want to turn to Dawkins or the late Christopher Hitchens instead. Mild though the rebuke is, a readable and persuasvie argument - if, of course, an exercise in preaching to the choir."--Kirkus Reviews

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Publication Date: March 26th, 2013
Pages: 288
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