Mayhem in Mayberry: Misadventures of A P.I. in Southern Appalachia (Paperback)

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As a licensed private investigator in western North Carolina, Brian Lee
Knopp could outrun enraged pit bulls, slink unseen and unheard through
the tangled forests, and find missing evidence in the bottom of a
dumpster. To get the goods on his subjects, he would perch in trees,
lie motionless for hours in camouflage, drive rented sports cars and
U-Haul trucks, ride horses and bikes, even paddle whitewater kayaks. He
could talk his way out of almost every predicament imaginable-except
for how to succeed as a P.I. without failing as a human being.
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ISBN: 9780615300405
ISBN-10: 0615300405
Publisher: Cosmic Pigbite Press
Publication Date: July 2nd, 2009
Pages: 184
Language: English